Tutorial by Philip


How to draw an Anthropomorphic Wolf's Head (side view).

This tutorial was inspired by a site that appeared on Drauger's "Need Inspiration" thread on the Planet Furry chat board. The site is of an artist named Therese Larsson and it's at http://www.thereselarsson.se/index2.htm

The site was a tutorial on drawing a wolf's head, and it's really good for drawing a Real Life wolf's head. (check it out!) Anyway, I thought I would take that tutorial and modify it for a more anthropomorphic head. I've included Therese's steps on my pics for comparison purposes only. They are the small illustrations in the upper left corner of these pics and are copyrighted to her. Remember to visit her site. She's got a tutorial on fur too.

So let's get started already! First, draw a circle. Anyone can do that, right? :P

Tutorial 1

Next, we need to add the outline for the muzzle. An anthro's muzzle is usually shorter than it's RL counterpart, but it's length is really up to you. The big difference between RL critters and Anthros is brain size. This changes some of the proportions you'll be using to place features on the head. For instance, the place where the muzzle breaks to the forehead is closer to the halfway point on the head instaed of the upper third as on a real wolf.

OK. Now we need to add a few details to the muzzle. For Canines or Vulpines (foxes) the front of the muzzle can be divided into three equal parts.

The top part will be the nose. The middle part is the upper lip. and the lower part it the lower jaw. The mouth will split the muzzle between the bottom and the middle part.

Next, you want to smoothe out a few connections. Soften the muzzle break and forehead. Depending on the critter, there may even be an 'eyebrow' ridge sticking out above the eyes.

Add the eye. Like Therese says, go easy on the eye size but do make them a little bigger than the RL critter. This allows you to add emotional expression to them. Of course, your character might actually BE a beady-eyed rascal. :)

Just a quick note on details. Your best source is RL pictures of the animals you are portraying. These details will be added later, but you do need to rough in their gemeral shapes now for placement purposes.

Ear Placement! Once more, the bigger braincase alters position. They will usually be farther forward on the skull of an anthro. Again, modify to your taste and drawing style.

How high are the ears? Not usually as high as in RL but then, this is your drawing! You might like tall ears.

Now that you've got the basic details tacked on to Mr. Anthro, you can start adding details and fur markings. They can be similar to RL critters or you can go crazy! Punk Pink polka-dots on Raunchy red stripes! It's your character.

Go crazy with the details. Pics help here too! Or keep it simple. It's up to you. Most of all - have fun!



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